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Let us find the right accommodation for you at our school in Eastbourne

Accommodation Eastbourne

Students who enjoy their time outside the classroom are able to work more effectively inside the classroom. Twin provides excellent quality homestay accommodation at affordable prices, for thousands of international students each year. We place great emphasis on finding safe, clean and comfortable accommodation where you can be involved with English speaking host-families and fellow students.


Homestay accommodation is an important part of a student's integration into the British way of life. Living with a homestay provider helps to accelerate your English language learning and enhance your cultural experience.

Most homestay students choose half-board accommodation including breakfast and an evening meal. The hosts treat the student as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas. It is also possible to request a full-board option which includes lunch.

Please note that Homestay is offered for individuals or groups of no more than four students where each person is under the age of 18. Students aged 18+ can share a private home, available to groups of more than four students. Private Home accommodation is NOT suitable for students under 16.

Twin's homestay hosts are friendly, culturally embracing and have a track record of providing safe environments for international students - and all are conveniently located within easy reach of our Eastbourne Study Centre.

Bus passes

Travelling by bus is the easiest and most convenient way to see Eastbourne. A weekly bus pass costs just around £16 and allows unlimited travel all over Eastbourne. Although most of our Homestay families are within walking distance from the school, there are some, especially during peak season, who live a little further so a bus pass will be very practical.

Please note that some homestay accommodation is organised by an external agency.