English Plus+

Combine a range of English language courses to best improve your skills.

English Plus+

You can combine our General English class with an IELTS, Conversation or English for work course to excel in your English learning.

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Price from
£175 ⁄ wk

Minimum Age 16

Elementary to Advanced

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A general English course can be combined with IELTS preparation, Conversation classes and English for Work or any combination of these. You will benefit from variety and flexibility in your timetable and you can choose as many combinations as you like so that you can hit your target level of English.

Please note that level restrictions apply for some courses. 

Course details

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More information

If you feel that you need to improve your conversation skills, but that also wish to take the IELTS examination, you could take English plus IELTS plus Conversation and create your own combination. Alternatively, if you know that you are going to be speaking English in your workplace, you can combine English plus Conversation plus English for Work. Taking these additional options means that you can tailor your learning to your needs and have extra focus in the areas that need it most.

General English

Classes take place in the morning and focus on the core skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will be able to increase your confidence and can further your skills with the additional options available with the English plus+ programme. Please see our General English page for more information about this course.

General English plus+ IELTS Preparation

For those of you who want to study in an English speaking country, you will need a high score in the IELTS exam. Combining a General English course with IELTS preparation is a great way to practise your core English skills and prepare for the exam. For more information about IELTS preparation, please visit our IELTS page.

If you wish to study for the IELTS exam at our Eastbourne centre, please see our Intensive English course which is exclusive to Eastbourne!

General English plus+ Conversation practice

Combining General English and Conversation classes as part of the English plus+ programme is a great option, especially as speaking and listening are the two things that people find the most difficult when learning a new language. You will be able to practise all of your core English skills whilst having additional tuition to boost your spoken English. For more information about our conversation classes, please see our English conversation page.

General English plus+ English for work

Although our General English course will teach you everything you need to know to get by in English, it is always a good idea to increase your knowledge of workplace language if you are required to use English for work. You will develop your skills for day-to-day life, and improve your professional communication when you opt to take English for Work as an additional extra. You can find more information about this course on our English for Work page.

General Englsh plus+ One-to-One

You can develop your core skills with General English, focusing on your reading, writing, speaking and listening, then tailor your One-to-One English lessons to your specific needs. You can learn English for a specific purpose, such as Business English, prepare for an exam, such as the Cambridge exams or improve your English for work purposes, such as job interviews and CV writing. 

What's included?

Twin's English Plus+ course includes:

  • Language placement assessment comprising grammar, oral and writing - carried out on your first day, this assessment ensures you are placed in the right class.
  • Regular progress monitoring - this will take place with your teacher along with monthly progress tests and fortnightly tutorials in order to measure your achievement and highlight areas requiring extra attention.
  • Certificate of achievement - upon completion of the course
  • Personalised assessment - progress report giving an assessment of your progress in all of the main study areas.
  • Access to Twin e-Learning - our very own virtual learning environment. Access is from the time of booking until three months after completion of the course
  • Twin social programme - different events, activities and outings every week, many of which are free.
  • Fortnightly tutorials - these will take place with your teacher. 

Fast facts

English Plus+
Age 16+
Maximum class size 18
Start date 4th January 2016

General English: 15 Hours per week, Mon-Fri 09:00 -12:30
English Level: A2-C2 (Pre-Intermediate - Proficiency)

IELTS Preparation: 6 Hours per week, Tues & Thurs 13:30 - 17:00
English Level: B1-C1 (Intermediate - Advanced)

Conversation Classes: 6 Hours per week, Mon & Wed 13:30-17:00
English Level: A1-B2 (Elementary - Upper-Intermediate)

English for work: 4 Hours per week, Mon & Wed 18:30-20:30
English Level:A2-C1 (Pre-Intermediate-Advanced)

Course Location London Greenwich


  1-3 weeks 4-6 weeks 7-9 weeks 10 weeks +
General English (morning) £170 £160 £150 £140
English Plus+IELTS + £50 per week
English Plus+Conversation + £40 per week
English Plus+English for work + £35 per week

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