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See our fees table below for prices on all of our courses. If you have any questions or would like a tailor-made quotation, please contact us today. 

Please note that the school will close for the Christmas break on Friday 22nd December 2017 and will re-open on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

A downloadable version of our fees table is available here.

General English Coursesfind out more

Programme Start Lessons Up to 7 weeks 8-11 weeks 12-23 weeks 24+ weeks
General English - Morning Weekly 20 £195/w £175/w £155/w £140/w
General English - Afternoon (London only) Weekly 20 £145/w £145/w £125/w £125/w
Intensive English  Weekly 30 £260/w £250/w £240/w £195/w
English Unlimited  (London Only) Weekly up to 38 £280/w £260/w £240/w £220/w
English Plus IELTS Weekly 28 £250/w £240/w £210/w £185/w
English Plus Conversation Weekly 28 £250/w £240/w £210/w £185/w
English Plus English for Work Weekly 24 £235/w £225/w £215/w £165/w
English for University Weekly 32 £320/w £300/w £280/w £260/w
One-to-One Weekly As requested £X per lesson/w
Parent & Junior English Weekly starts (July & August) 20 £160pp/w

Part-time English Courses (London Only)

Course Start Hours Price per week
General English Weekly 6 £60
Conversation Weekly 6 £60
IELTS Weekly 6 £70
Au Pair English Weekly 6 £55
English for Work Weekly 4 £45
One-to-One Weekly Per Hour £45

English Plus+ Coursesfind out more

All of our English Plus+ Courses include 15 hours of General English lessons. For Plus+ course times please see the part time Courses table above.

Programme Start Hours Up to 3 weeks 4-6 weeks 7-9 weeks 10+ weeks
General English Plus+ IELTS Weekly 15+6 £220/w £210/w £200/w £190/w
General English Plus+ Conversation Weekly 15+6 £210/w £200/w £190/w £180/w
General English Plus+ English for Work Weekly 15+4 £205/w £195/w £185/w £175/w
General English Plus+ One-to-One Weekly 15+5 £315/w

English Unlimited (Up to 34hrs per week)

Combine General English Morning with IELTS, Conversation & English for Work | London only | B1-B2
Course price when booked individually £345 English Unlimited price £250pw

Exam Preparation Coursesfind out more

Programme Start Hours Price
IELTS Exam Preparation Weekly starts 6 hours per week £70

*Exam fees are included in this price. Please note that the exam must be booked at least one month in advance.

Specialist English Coursesfind out more


Programme Start Hours Price
Teacher Development

Individual start dates:

14/08/2016 - 28/08/2016

Weekly starts throughout the year for closed groups

25 £350/w
One-to-One Weekly Price per hour £45/w
Tailor-made Programme Available to closed groups throughout the year - Price on enquiry
Business English Weekly 23 £310
Club 50+ Available to closed groups throughout the year 15 per week £630

Internship Programmes

Programme English Level Minimum Duration Price per Placement
Customer Service Internship A1 2 weeks £350
Business Administration Internship B1 3 weeks £450
Professional Internship B2 4 weeks £550

*please note that there is a £200 administration fee for Non-EEA participants. Minimum English level IELTS 6.0

Hospitality Training Programme

The Hospitality Training Programme (HTP) can booked on its own or as a package which includes English tuition and accommodation.

- HTP Only HTP + 4 HTP + 8 HTP + 12 HTP + 24
Price £450 £1670 £2770 £3790 £6860


Accommodationfind out more

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay accommodation is available for both Twin and non-Twin students. You can search and book homestay accommodation via our partner website Homestay.com where prices are set and published by the host provider.

  2017 (until 31/12) 2018 (from 1/1)
  London Eastbourne London Eastbourne
Single Room Bed & Breakfast £135pw - £150 -
Half-board £155pw £120pw £170 £140
Full-board £175pw £135pw £190 £160
Twin/Triple room Bed & Breakfast £120pw - £130 -
Half-board £140pw £110pw £150 £120
Full-board £160pw £120pw £170 £135


Residential Accommodation*

All accommodation is self-catering

Location Single Single en-suite Twin Twin en-suite Studio
Aldgate - £295pw - - £310pw
Southwark - £230pw - - -
Holborn £240pw - - - -
Bethnal Green £275pw - £175pppw - -
Booking Fee £50

Holborn: For bookings of less than 4 weeks, price per week of £290

Willesden: An additional £50pw is payable during the peak season

Stockwell, single rooms: An additional £30pw is payable during the peak season

Stockwell, twin rooms: An additional £40pw is payable during the peak season

Flatshare Accommodation*

All accommodation is self-catering. Twin room rates are for students travelling at the same time.

Location Single room Twin room pp** Triple room pp**
Lewisham, Belmont £170 £150 -
Booking Fee £50

 *Twin reserve the right to modify prices if necessary

** Double rooms may be available on request

Please note that all bookings are subject to a booking fee of £50.00