English courses in Ireland

Become a better English speaker with our range of English and exam preparation courses

English Courses in Ireland

From the heart of Ireland's vibrant capital city students can study with us to improve their core English skills, prepare for exams or take courses to learn specialised terminology.

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Improve your skills with our Communicative Teaching Method 


We aim to help every student reach their language goals to become better and more confident English speakers while having a truly enjoyable time in Ireland.

Learning support

Each of our students participate in a needs analysis before they begin their course and we provide them with regular progress monitoring throughout their studies.

All of our classes have a strong focus on communication to help students speak
English confidently and clearly so they can successfully meet the demands of everyday communication. We actively encourage our students to use English outside the classroom as much as possible to really develop their skills.

We give all of our students an end of course report, stating their current level, as well as a certificate of achievement; this is great for students to show future employers and colleges their English capability.


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Courses available


Twin e-learning

After the course has come to an end, students can continue to practise English
with our online learning platform, Twin e-Learning. Access to the platform is
available throughout students’ stay and for three months after course completion.

More information

If you choose to study at Twin, you will also have access to our e-Learning platform, a virtual learning environment where you can:

  • Develop your reading skills through looking at authentic news articles
  • Follow a personalised study plan
  • Get information about our social programme and sign up for events
  • Access your tutorials and review the goals that you set with your teacher
  • Upload assignments and receive feedback from your teacher

You will continue to have access to e-learning for three months after you have finished your course.

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