Long Term English

Enjoy a long stay in the UK with our long term English course

Long-term English

Our Long-term English courses are ideal for those wanting to experience UK culture while improving their English. By studying for at least 12 weeks, you will have more time to enjoy the many sights and attractions the UK has on offer. Of course, the more weeks you stay, the more opportunity there will be.

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Price from
£125 ⁄ wk

Minimum Age 16

Elementary to Advanced

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Our long-term English course is great for those who have the extra time to put into learning English. Whilst at Twin, students will be able to enjoy a great learning experience, benefitting in addition from monthly workshops which are based on grammar and independent study. By staying for an extended period of time in the UK, you will be able to experience more of British culture. Furthermore, you will have more time to practise your English in real life situations whilst sight-seeing and socialising with other students. 

Course details

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More information

When you choose Long-term English with Twin, we will aim to ensure that all of your goals are met. You will have regular progress monitoring with homework, tutorials and quizzes in order to achieve this. In addition to improving your general English and key skills, this is a great opportunity for you to expand your knowledge. You will be able to experience the variety of British culture and meet people from all over the world. If you want to also gain some work experience whilst in the UK, our award-winning team can help you find placements (available for EU students only), creating the perfect environment for you to practise the skills that you have learnt on your Long-term English course. 

What's included?

Twin's Long-term English course includes:

  • Language placement assessment including grammar, oral and writing - carried out on your first day, this assessment ensures you are placed in the right class.
  • Regular progress monitoring - this will take place with your teacher along with monthly progress tests and fortnightly tutorials in order to measure your achievement and identify areas requiring extra attention.
  • Certificate of achievement - upon completion of the course
  • Personalised assessment - progress report giving an assessment of your progress in all of the main study areas.
  • Access to Twin e-Learning - our very own virtual learning environment. Access is from the time of booking until three months after completion of the course.
  • Twin social programme - different events, activities and outings every week, many of which are free.
  • Fortnightly tutorials - these will take place with your teacher. 
  • Monthly workshops - focusing on independent learning and grammar. 

Fast facts

Long-term English
English Level Options provided for beginners & advanced (A1-C1)
Age 16+
Maximum class size 15
Start date Every Monday
Course duration 12+ weeks
Lessons info

Standard course Monday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm (includes 30 minute break) available on all programmes

Intensive courses also include 6 hours of afternoon lessons

Unlimited English provides access to modules found across the other courses except one-to-one.

Course Location London, Eastbourne & Dublin


  Location Hours per week (hrs) Level 12-23 weeks 24+ weeks
General English Morning London, Eastbourne and Dublin 15 Standard English A1-C1 £155pw
Dublin -
Dublin -
General English Afternoon London and Dublin 15 Standard English A1-C1

Dublin -

Dublin -
Intensive English + IELTS * London, Eastbourne & Dublin 16.5 Standard English + 6 IELTS Preparation B1-C1 £240pw
Dublin -
Dublin -
Intensive English + Conversation London 16.5 Standard English + 6 Conversation A1-B2 £240pw £195pw
Intensive English + English for Work London 16.5 Standard English + 6 English for Work A1-B2 £240pw £195pw
Intensive English + One-to-One London & Eastbourne 16.5 Standard English + 5 one-to-one A1-C1


English Unlimited London and Dublin Up to 30 standard and afternoon modules A1-C1 £250pw
Dublin -
Dublin -
Intensive English + Business Communications Dublin and Eastbourne 16.5 Standard English + 6 Business Communications B1-C1 140pw Dublin,
Eastbourne TBC
€130pw Dublin, Eastbourne TBC



*exam fees are NOT included

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